Dave’s Bio

Dave’s Bio

Dave picked up sticks in 1977 and has played on and off since then in bands, starting in Adelaide and then in several other places he was living in over the decades.

Dave Anthony

Dave Anthony                    photo: Linda Rowan

He has been fortunate to be involved in bands or artists playing original music, starting in Adelaide with Metropolis in 1985-88, The Chris Stewart Recordings 1990 and Ruby Lane 1990-91, a few tracks on John Thomason (Oxfordshire, UK) self-produced album “Hair Care and Bad Company” in 2003, The Hall & Dow Blues band 2013-2015 in various gigs near Sydney and around the country, and as a sub for The Roddy Gordon Band in Adelaide at New Years Eve 2017.

Cover bands are a drummers bread and butter and Dave started in Adelaide with Hard Labour in 1982, and followed with a succession of bands in the early 80s such as Guess Work, Stonehenge and Hard Labour II. A garage band, The Three Chord Wonders, followed in Hobart in 1991 as well as a folk band and The Doghouse Blues Band in 1993-4. In Oxfordshire in the UK Dave played in Dumber Than Chickens 2001-04 whose aim was ‘style over substance’ but still played a great cover song. Totally Covered was a very experienced classic rock outfit playing around the pubs of western Sydney 2014-15 (and a very funny bunch of guys too…).

Dave has diverse tastes in music and has played different styles where possible. After a hiatus off the kit he took some latin lessons in Leichhardt, Sydney at Tres Mambo and played timbales 2010-2014 in large horn and percussion based salsa dance bands Son Sabroso and Chango! around the Sydney region including the Clave Contra Clave competitions. One thing led to another and some Brasilian percussion lessons led to playing snare drum in the Batucada band at the Latin American Dance Academy 2012 concert at Olympic Park. Some great summer afternoon jazz jam sessions were had at The Clarence Hotel in Leichhardt in 2013-14 and great Sunday afternoon jams in 2014-2015 with Sydney inner west latin-jazz jam outfit Retrofit (a.k.a The Kitchen Syncopators) including an EP “Where There’s Smoke” at A-Sharp Studios. He also subbed a few practices for the Mighty Merv in the 20 piece swing orchestra The Honeymakers in 2014 (but realised his sight reading needed improving…which he’s been working on since).

There are a few recordings scattered around Daves playing history and you can find some of them on his website and his Facebook page.