A little Blue-Roddy Gordon Blues

As an Original Roots songwriter Roddy has also been singing, playing and writing the blues since the sixties.

‘I normally play a few (blues numbers) at each gig…these always go down well …so the Roddy Gordon Band plays some original blues material plus some standard blues that have influenced  me over the years’ (Roddy Gordon)

Now back in the UK Roddy is currently writing material for the Roddy Gordon Band’s next album which will be very ‘bluesy’ in feel.

‘To check out what to expect have a listen to my version St James Infirmary, on  ‘Love & Blues’.  My influences started with the folk blues singer Alex Campbell , who by the way, did a great version of St James infirmary.  I was privileged to play with him in London in the late sixties’

Muddy Waters ,Buddy Guy and numerous others great Blues artists played a big part in what Roddy refers to as his ‘blues education’.

‘In the seventies I was fortunate to meet and play with a number of great players who were also into the blues, including  Gerry Garcia, Alexis Korner, Gary Moor and Jimmy Page’.

If you are after a blues band with original material and a power packed vocal performance, check out the Roddy Gordon Band.


Roddy Sandy Creek

Roddy is the ‘real deal’- Peter Goers-Australian Radio Presenter, Actor and Entertainer